KAK Industries "Flash Can" Micro

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KAK Industries "Flash Can" Micro


The KAK Industry Micro "Slimline" flash can was built for smaller applications! It's exactly like the standard version of KAK's flash can, but shorter and smaller in diameter.

Manufactured from solid 6061 aluminum, it's designed to direct muzzle gasses and flash forward, away from the shooter. Coated in black military type hard-coat anodizing.

The KAK Micro Flash Can does NOT reduce recoil, muzzle rise, or flash signature. It's meant to direct gasses forward away from the shooter, which makes shooting significantly more comfortable! Concussion is also reduced, as it's directed forward.

You can torque the KAK flash can directly against the barrel shoulder, a crush washer is not included and not necessary.

Weight- 3oz
Diameter- 1.200" Diameter
Length- 1.750" Length
6061 Aluminum, coated black anodizing

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