Gun Tote'n Mamas - Men's Concealed Carry Briefcase GTM-155 Dark expresso brown

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Gun Tote'n Mamas - Men's Concealed Carry Briefcase GTM-155 Dark expresso brown

Light mix of professional, casual and protected! 

·       Overall Case Size: 16" W x 11.25" T x 3.5" D

·       Slim profile

·       Carry's daily work and/or laptop in addition to weapon of choice

·       Oiled South American Cowhide

·       Full grain will show distinctive rugged character of each cowhide

·       No two will be the same

·       Becomes softer with age and use yet highly durable

·       Back zippered compartment has access to gun area on 3 sides (top, left and right)

·       Allowing owner to set the draw angle as needed

·       From top, left or right

·       Compartment size: 14" W x 9" T x 1.25" D

·       Holster included designed by Mernickle Holsters

·       Velcro holds holster securely in place

·       Compartment will easily hold 1911 / Commander size guns

·       Fully padded compartment to minimize gun pattern as leather grows softer

·       PLEASE PRACTICE drawing with UNLOADED GUN!!

·       Adjustable and removable SLASH RESISTANT shoulder strap

·       11-Ply Steel Cable reinforced

·       Adjustable leather shoulder pad

·       High density cotton

·       Front zippered compartment is fully padded

·       Can hold standard laptop

·       Holds a day's worth of paperwork or 2" deep binder

·       Interior back wall full length zipper

·       Outside front zippered compartment

·       Holds organizer for pens, cards, cellphone or IPhone(R), IPod(R), eye glasses, keys etc.

·       Zippered pocket

·       Outside front zippered horizontal pocket for quick access to a plane ticket, receipts etc.

·       Outside back zippered pocket

·       Can be used as a pocket OR

·       Piggy back band to slip over wheeled luggage handles

·       Double carry handles

·       Leather covered rope style

·       Engraved zipper tabs

·       Pewter metal

·       Hardware is matching pewter

·       Dark brown logo lining

·       Color: Dark expresso brown

·       Weight: 3 lbs.


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